Points of interest

Prague Classic Rental apartments don't waste your time. A short walk to the square Namesti Miru where you can connect with metro, tram and bus.
You are beside the famous Snehovka Villa and Park and city center there are beautiful natural parks and scenery where you can find peace in the body and peace of mind.
Prague, it is like a small Paris. The city's cultural wealth is truly great. There is always a place to visit.
The city offers many luxurious and selected places to enjoy a good massage wellness and relax.
The spirit of the ancient city is extremely magical. It breaths on you from every corner of Prague. Where you look, there's something hidden with an unbelievable atmosphere.
Selected meals and flavours. A refined restaurant with beautiful décor, this is the true sensuality of the kitchen in Prague.
Do you love shopping? Dior, Gucci, Hermes - the city has many places where to go for shopping. Making yourself happy is far easier than you think.

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